Approximately 180 million tons of sugar is produced in over 100 countries – 78% of this sugar is made from sugar cane, with the balance from sugar beet. In today's modern age we cannot imagine food products without it - sugar has managed to insert itself as most important food ingredient in the world.
Gledhow sells refined white sugar < 50 ICUMSA in 2 pack sizes viz. 1 ton and 25kg into the Industrial market.
All product supplied on CHEP pallets are transfer hire basis.
1 Ton ‘single trip’       
Woven polypropylene sling bags with a polyethylene heat sealed liner. These bags are normally supplied without pallets, but these can be arranged on request, at extra cost.    
25kg Multiwall paper sacks          
With a polyethylene liner, palletised 40 sacks to a pallet, with pallet floor lined with cardboard and sugar stack topped with cardboard “capping”, all secured with shrink wrap.