Gledhow Sugar gives back to Ushukela    
Recently we requested assistance from Ushukela and Gledhow Sugar to help us assist the local crèche which is located next to water works at South Village with a few toys, books, sponges, blankets for the kids and to also fix the toilets, windows and paint the outside and inside of the crèche.

Our request was accepted with open arms and I would like to give a big thanks to Ushukela. The role that they played towards this project was huge and the kids and the teachers were over excited. Thank you Vijay for your amazing support. To Gledhow Management and Employees, for your contribution that I received with warm hearts, everyone I approached for a donation gave without asking any questions - I am truly grateful especially
during these tough financial times.
Lastly thank you so much to Stanley (GM) and Viva, for the contribution, for allowing us to take time from the company to organise everything and make the day a success; the children will definitely enjoy the goodies.
Last but not least, thank you to my lady painters, you guys did an amazing job.
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